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  1. PageHome WTW offers the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for the water analysis in the world - reliability, operational safety and versatility
  2. FolderProducts 
    1. FolderProduct categories WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater
      1. FolderPortable meters 
        1. FolderPortable meters Portable, waterproof and robust meters for the determination of the parameters pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and BSB
          1. PageMultiLine® Multi 3630 IDS Measure three parameters simultaneously – pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and/or turbidity with the digital pocket meter Multi 3630 IDS
          2. PageMultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS Digital measurement with two universal measuring channels with the Multi 3620 IDS – pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and/or turbidity simultaneously
          3. PageMultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS High-quality portable digital IDS multi-parameter instrument with a universal measurement input for starting with digital measurement technology
          4. PageProfiLine Multi 3320 Universal multi-parameter pocket meter with two inputs for pH, mV, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen determination in environmental applications
          5. PageProfiLine pH/Cond 3320 Universal multi-parameter portable meter with two inputs for pH, mV, ISE and conductivity measurements for demanding applications
          6. PageProfiLine pH/ION 3310 pH/ISE pocket meter for pH, mV and concentration measurements – suitable for all areas, where accuracy and high quality results are a priority
          7. PageProfiLine pH 3310 Precise, portable pH/mV pocket meter with lit background graphic display and manual memory for safe and convenient measurements
          8. PageProfiLine Oxi 3310 Professional dissolved oxygen pocket meter with mini USB interface for mobile applications or routine measurements with documentation
          9. PageProfiLine Cond 3310 A combination of robust conductivity pocket meter and data logger for all who want to automatically capture and evaluate measured data with the help of a computer
          10. PageProfiLine Oxi 3205 Easy and waterproof, portable routine meter for the galvanized dissolved oxygen measurement in the field, for teaching and service
          11. PageProfiLine pH 3110 Easy and robust portable pH/mV meter for routine measurement - secure and reliable pH measurement due to repeatable results
          12. PageProfiLine Cond 3110 Reliable conductivity meter with automatic nIF temperature compensation according to DIN EN 27888 for routine measurements in natural waters and wastewater
        2. FolderPhotometers The portable pocket photometers of the pHotoFlex® series offer the unique combinations of real multi parameters: Photometry, pH and turbidity measurement
          1. PagepHotoFlex® STD pHotoFlex® STD: portable LED photometer for environmental monitoring and extensive water and routine analytics in (mobile) service labs
          2. PagepHotoFlex® pH pHotoFlex® pH: portable LED photometer combined with full value pH measurement for environmental monitoring, fish hatcheries, extensive routine and water analytics
          3. PagepHotoFlex® Turb pHotoFlex® Turb: portable multi-parameter photometer with full value pH, ORP and turbidity measurement for water analytics and environmental monitoring
        3. FolderTurbidity meters Turbidity measurement on the go with lab precision for the monitoring of drinking water, well heads, cisterns, surface water and quality control
          1. PageTurb® 355 Small portable turbidity meter as per DIN ISO / US EPA for nephelometric measurements in quality control and environmental monitoring
          2. PageTurb® 430 Portable nephelometric with highest precision according to DIN ISO / US EPA for water analytics, quality control and process monitoring
        4. FolderSamplers Whether time or volume proportional sampling: The user-friendly samplers by WTW offer you flexible sample fractioning
          1. PagePB-M Light and practical – the portable sampler PB-M with vacuum pump impresses with its light design and modern operation
          2. PagePB 25-S For small dose volumes with compact design – the portable sampler PB 25 S with hose pumpe and different sample fractioning
      2. FolderBenchtop Meters 
        1. FolderinoLab® benchtop meters inoLab® benchtop meters offer the correct solution for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements in the lab
          1. PageinoLab® Multi 9630 IDS Digital high performance multi-parameter device with three inputs for pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen and comprehensive GLP functions
          2. PageinoLab® Multi 9620 IDS Digital high performance multi-parameter device with two inputs for pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen and comprehensive GLP functions
          3. PageinoLab® Multi 9310 IDS inoLab® benchtop devices offer the correct solution for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and conductivity measurements in the lab
          4. PageinoLab® pH/ION 7320 Precise pH/ISE benchtop meter with enhanced ISE methods for concentration measurement with ion selective electrodes
          5. PageinoLab® pH 7310 Precise pH meter with documentation function to use in quality assurance, pharmaceutical industry and everywhere GLP-supported documentation is required
          6. PageinoLab® Oxi 7310 Benchtop meter with documentation function for dissolved oxygen – environmental area (BOD), industrial applications such as pharmaceutical research, beverage and food
          7. PageinoLab® Cond 7310 Precise and high performance laboratory conductivity meter with GLP supportung functions for documentation measuring results
          8. PageinoLab® pH 7110 Simple, easy-to-use lab pH meter for the routine measurement with reproducable measuring results and increased measuring accuracy
          9. PageinoLab® Cond 7110 Compact, well-equipped conductivity benchtop meter for two and four electrode cells for routine measurements without documentation
        2. FolderOxiTop® measuring systems OxiTop® is a respirometric measuring system for the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and further aerobic and anaerobic degradation tests
          1. PageOxiTop® IS Respirometric OxiTop® measuring system for BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples – measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD possible
          2. PageOxiTop® Control Evaluation possibility/data transfer to PC for documentation according to GLP with the respirometric OxiTop® Control meter for BOD self check measurement
          3. PageOxiTop® Control B 6 OxiTop® Control meter to determine soil respiration – lab procedure to determine the microbial soil respiration according to DIN ISO 16072
          4. PageOxiTop® Control S/A OxiTop® Control meter to determine biological degradability according to OECD/microbiology – lab procedure according to DIN ISO 29 408 / ISO 9408 / OECD 301 F
          5. PageOxiTop® Control AN OxiTop® Control meter for biogras measurement/microbiology (aerobic/anaerobic measuring)
        3. FolderFilter and spectral photometers High quality spectral photometers and filter photometers for routine operations and universal lab tasks as well as reagent free measuring with OptRF
          1. PagephotoLab® S6 The photoLab® S6 filter photometer with 6 wavelengths combines lab precision with highest comfort and highest speeds for water analytics
          2. PagephotoLab® S12 The photoLab® S12 filter photometer with 12 wavelengths combines lab precision with highest comfort and highest speeds for extensive water analytics
          3. PagephotoLab® 7100 VIS The spectral photometer photoLab® 7100 VIS with AQA and IQ LabLink combines secured water analysis with uncomplicated special and spectral analytics!
          4. PagephotoLab® 7600 UV-VIS The spectrophotometer photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS combine routine analysis with spectral analysis and pioneering procedure OptRF
        4. FolderTurbidity meters Turbidity measurement - from monitoring in drinking water to quality control in production and goods receiving as well as in medical analytics and hygiene
          1. PageTurb® 550 Turbidity meters for all nephelometric measurements in the lab and in drinking water analytics of 0.01 - 1000 NTU according to DIN ISO 27027 / US EPA 180.1
          2. PageTurb® 555 Professional turbidity meters for the lab from 0.01 – 10.000 NTU according to drinking water standard, for quality, goods receiving and production inspections
        5. FolderColony counter 
          1. PageBZG 40 Colony counter to count microbial colonies in petri dishes - easy, quick and reliable counting with great ease of use
      3. FolderStationary meters 
        1. FolderIQ SENSOR NET WTW's IQ SENSOR NET is the ideal measuring system for small, medium and large wastewater treatment systems - for the initial installation as well as for expansions
          1. PageMIQ/TC 2020 3G The heart of every IQ SENSOR NET system 2020 – multi-parameter system for up to 20 sensors with USB interface, remote maintenance and remote communication
          2. PageMIQ/MC3 The controller family with network connection via ethernet/WIFI interface for the multi-parameter system IQ SENSOR NET 2020 XT for up to 20 sensors
          3. PageDIQ/S 282/284 Controller for small and mid-sized wwtp including USB-interface and internal data logger– up to 4 sensors, all parameters, available anytime
          4. PageDIQ/S 181 The new system 181 – the digital and cost-efficient single parameter measuring point with proven IQ SENSOR NET technology and matching fixed cable sensors
          5. PageMIQ modules for power supply Module to supply voltage to the system components in the IQ SENSOR NET – thanks to the modular principle and simple installation this is individually customizable
          6. PageMIQ modules for outputs, inputs and communication Module to transfer the measured values or with an alert/alarm function – thanks to the modular principle and simple installation this is individually customizable
          7. PageMIQ modules for system expansion The IQ SENSOR NET grows with its tasks - modules for individual system expansions with up to 4 IQSN connections and wireless communication
          8. PageOther MIQ-Module Whether you need compressed air cleaning for sensors or ground cable terminal strips - the IQ SENSOR NET modules make this possible, simple installatoin included
          9. PageDIQ modules Modules for the flexible expansion of digital IQ SENSOR NET systems 181 and 282/284 by additional measuring points or functions - compact design
        2. FolderAnalog monitors The analog monitors by WTW cover every application based on their robust design and ease of use - even the EX range
          1. PageOxi 298 Excellent price/performance ratio - analog field monitor for the most varied applications in online oxygen measurement
          2. PagepH 298 Analog field monitor for the low and high ohms pH measurement - reliable by means of automatic temperature compensation for NTC, Pt100 or Pt1000
          3. PageLF 298 User-friendly, analog field monitor - suitable for numerous conductivity measuring cells due to different measuring ranges and cell constants
          4. PageCL 298 CL 298 – user-friendly monitor to measure free or total chlorine - your robust partner for reliable chlorine measurements
        3. FolderDrinking water measurement Premounted and ready to operate - the environmentally friendly chlorine or multi-parameter panels are easy to use and reliable in their operation
          1. PageCL 298/P CL 298/P - single parameter system ready to operate to measure free or total chlorine, environmentally friendly, sanitary and reliable
          2. PageMULTILINE 1000 Flexible measuring system with very price/performance ratio for drinking water analytics - up to 16 freely selectable sensors can be connected
        4. FolderEX environment WTW delivers the complete equipment series for pH or conductivity measurement in the EX zone - EX sensors, EX measuring chains, EX monitors and isolated amplifiers
          1. PageEX monitors Stratos Pro A 201 X EX compliant monitor for pH or conductivity, usable in zone 0 IIC T4 and suitable for high ambient temperatures
          2. PageIsolated amplifier WG 21 A7 The Isolated amplifier WG 21 supplies the intrinsically safe monitor with auxiliary energy and transfers the measured value. Can be integrated into the IQ SENSOR NET
          3. PageEX pH/ORP armature and electrodes Simple electrode change and flexible measuring ranges - the SensoLyt® 650-7 EX for explosive areas (Zone1 IIC T6)
          4. PageEX conductivity measuring cells Conductivity measuring cells for measuring points in explosive atmospheres (EX range, zone 1 IIC T6) – TetraCon® 700 EX with 4 electrode system
      4. FolderAnalyzer 
        1. FolderIQ SENSOR NET analyzer 
          1. PageP700 IQ The optimum solution to support phosphate elimination as well as monitor phosphate freight - on-site analyzer for orthophosphate measurement in the IQ SENSOR NET
        2. FolderSample preparation The perfect online sample preparation - continuous, safe, low-maintenance. Perfectly suited for use with the TresCon® analyzer system
          1. PagePurcon® The perfect online sample preparation - continuous, safe, low-maintenance. Yields samples free of suspended solids and bacteria
          2. PageP 700 IQ Filtration High operational safety with the system for filtration and sample preparation directly at the edge of the sink - especially for the digital phosphate analyzer P700 IQ
        3. FolderDrinking water analyzer The analyzers for turbidity, free and total chlorine works according to standard procedures and thus yield reliable values across a large measuring range!
          1. PageTURB 2000 The TURB 2000 – nephelometric turbidity meter with large measuring range, with integrated bubble trap and white light according to US EPA 180.1
          2. PageTURB 2020 Save time and work with the ultrasonic cleaning in the TURB 2020 including bubble trap; nephelometric principle with white light according to US EPA 180.1
          3. PageTURB 2100 The TURB 2100 – turbidity meter with nephelometric measuring process with infrared light according to EN ISO 7027, integrated bubble trap and high measuring range
          4. PageTURB 2110 The TURB 2110 – nephelometric turbidity meter for high resolution in the lower measuring range with infrared light according to EN ISO 7027
          5. PageTURB 2120 The TURB 2100 – nephelometric turbidity meter with integrated bubble trap, ultrasonic cleaning and infrared light according to EN ISO 7027
          6. PageChlorine 3000 Chlorine 3000 - photometric analyzer with large measuring range and high resolutions for free and total chlorine with DPD method according to US EPA
      5. FolderSensor technology 
        1. FolderDigital IDS sensors (lab) IDS sensors made by WTW measure Ph, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity. Precise, error-free with documentation of all data
          1. PageIDS depth probes MPP IDS – the digital multi-parameters (up to three main parameters) depth probes with built-in depth measurement to use in profile measuring
          2. PageIDS pH electrodes Digital measurement of pH with built-in electrode quality monitoring - usable in all areas of lab and field measurement
          3. PageIDS ORP electrodes IDS ORP electrodes are used to measure oxidation or reduction potentials in waterous solutions - with integrated temperature sensor
          4. PageIDS optical dissolved oxygen sensors FDO® 925 – optical oxygen sensors for applications in the lab and process, field and wastewater treatment systems - low-maintenance and quick
          5. PageIDS conductivity measuring cells IDS conductivity measuring cells – measurements from pure water all the way to concentrated solutions with proven two and four electrode technology
        2. FolderDigital IDS plug head sensors (lab) WTW sensors with universal plug head for wireless measurement in your lab and process, and for depth profile measuring with the MPP IDS
          1. PageIDS pH electrodes – wireless ready Digital measurement of pH with built-in electrode quality monitoring - usable in all areas of the wireless lab, field and depth profile measurement
          2. PageIDS ORP electrodes – wireless ready Measure oxidation or reduction potentials in waterous solutions with integrated temperature sensor – digital, wireless and in depth profile
          3. PageIDS optical dissolved oxygen sensors – wireless ready FDO® 925 – optical oxygen sensors for applications in the lab and process, field and wastewater treatment systems - low-maintenance, quick and wireless
          4. PageIDS conductivity measuring cells – wireless ready Measurements from pure water all the way to concentrated solutions with proven two and four electrode technology – now also wireless
          5. PageIDS turbidity sensors – wireless ready Digital IDS turbidity measurement with a practical turbidity sensor for mobile applications in surface waters and process - the VisoTrub® 900-P
        3. FolderDigital IQ sensors (online) WTW offers IQ sensors for all types of online measurement. The matching sensor for every parameter and compatiblity with the IQ SENSOR NET
          1. PageIQ optical dissolved oxygen sensors Calibration-free, reliable, DIN compliant - the optical FDO® oxygen sensors for the IQ SENSOR NET to regulate biological cleaning steps
          2. PageIQ electro-chemical oxygen sensors TriOxmatic®IQ: Reliable and proven digital electro-chemical oxygen sensors with 3 electrode system (ECDO) for precise and accurate measurements
          3. PageIQ pH/ORP armatures SensoLyt®700 IQ – digital pH/ORP armature with integrated preamplifier and temperature sensor as well as lightning protection to be connected to IQ SENSOR NET
          4. PageIQ conductivity measuring cells TetraCon® 700 IQ – digital 4 electrode conductivity measuring cell with flow-free operation, especially with high conductivity
          5. PageIQ turbidity sensors VisoTurb®: Optical turbidity sensors according to nephelometric principle according to DIN EN 27027 and ISO 7027 for the in-situ use in water/wastewater with ultrasonic cleaning system
          6. PageIQ suspended solids sensors ViSolid®: Optical sensors for the in-situ use to measure suspended solids via scattered light and direct back-scattering with ultrasonic cleaning system
          7. PageIQ ISE combination sensors for ammonium and nitrate Ion selective measurement of ammonium and nitrate free of reagents with automatic compensation of potassium/chloride with the VARiON® Plus 700 IQ
          8. PageIQ ISE sensors for ammonium Ammonium measurement directly in the medium without sample preparation and sample transfer. Measurement of centrate and other process waters up to 2,000 mg/l NH4-N
          9. PageIQ ISE sensors for nitrate Nitrogen elimination – transparent, process optimized, economical. Nitrate measurement directly in the medium - optimized for regulation purposes
          10. PageIQ optical spectral probes (UV-VIS) for nitrate and suspended solids NitraVis® 700 IQ (TS): Sensor with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the reagent-free measurement of nitrate and suspended solids (optional) - optimized for municipal wastewater treatment systems
          11. PageIQ optical spectral probes (UV-VIS) for nitrate and carbon parameters NiCaVis®705 IQ: Sensor with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the reagent-free measurement of nitrate and carbon parameters in the wastewater treatment system drain
          12. PageIQ optical UV probes for nitrate and nitrite NitraVis®700 IQ NI : Sensor with maintenance-free ultrasonic cleaning for measurement of nitrate and nitrite directly in the process - optimized for municipal wastewater treatment systems
          13. PageIQ optical UV probes for nitrate, nitrite & carbon parameters NiCaVis® 700 IQ NI: UV probes with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the reagent-free measurement of nitrate, nitrite and carbon parameters directly in the process
          14. PageIQ optical NOx single wave length probe UV 700 IQ NOx: Low-cost probe with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the maintenance-free and reagent-free measurement of nitrate
          15. PageIQ optical spectral probes (UV-VIS) for carbon parameters and suspended solids CarboVis®700 IQ (TS): Spectral sensor with integrated ultrasonic cleaning for the chemical-free measurement of the organic load and suspended solids concentration
          16. PageIQ optical SAC single wave length probe UV 700 IQ SAC: Low-cost probe (integrated ultrasonic cleaning, turbidity compensation) for the maintenance-free and reagent-free SAC measurement according to DIN 38404 C3
          17. PageIQ ultrasonic sludge level sensors Unique on the market: Sludge level measurement with maintenance-free cleaning system - the FL 700 IQ with smart signal processing
        4. FolderDigital IQ sensors for system 181 (online) You can measure pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity and turbidity with the IQ fixed cable sensors of the system 181 - cost-efficient and reliable
          1. PageIQ dissolved oxygen fixed cable sensors Optical or electro-chemical: The IQ fixed cable sensors for dissolved oxygen provide reliable measuring values for your single parameter measuring point.
          2. PageIQ pH/ORP fixed cable armature SensoLyt® 700 IQ F with integrated preamplifier, temperature sensor and lightning protection - in the wastewater treatment plant or for drinking water applications
          3. PageIQ conductivity fixed cable measuring cell Digital fixed cable measuring cell with 4 electrode system - the TetraCon® 700 IQ F especially for operation as fixed conductivity measuring point with DIQ/S 181(/24 V)
          4. PageIQ turbidity fixed cable sensor Low-maintenance sensor with ultrasonic cleaning - the VisoTurb® 700 IQ F is especially suitable for operation as fixed turbidity measuring point at the DIQ/S 181(/24 V)
        5. FolderConventional sensors (lab) Proven conventional sensors for pH, ORP, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen are the masters of all measurements in the field and in the lab
          1. PagepH electrodes SenTix®: Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field
          2. PagepH special electrodes Specialists for all cases - pH electrodes for special applications can determine the pH value of surfaces, suspended solids, suspensions and much more
          3. PageORP electrodes Platinum, gold or silver ORP electrodes - suitable for the most varied applications: strongly oxidizing solutions, argentometry and much more
          4. PageIon selective electrodes Ion selective electrodes for the electro-chemical concentration determination of selected ions - combined electrodes as well as half cells available
          5. PageGalvanic oxygen sensors (universal) Membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors to measure in water and waterous solutions - low-maintenance and no polarization time, required
          6. PageGalvanic oxygen sensors (field use) Robust, membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor for external use, especially in wastewater treatment systems and in the aqua culture, but also for training purposes
          7. PageSelf-stirring oxygen sensors Self-stirring dissolved oxygen sensor StirrOx® G for the measurement of the biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) according to the dilution method
          8. PageUniversal conductivity measuring cells Conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes in two and four pin models for standard measurements in aqueous solutions in the field and in the lab
          9. PageSpecial conductivity measuring cells Four pin conductivity measuring cells with graphite electrodes for precise and reliable measuring results in special applications in the process in the labor
          10. PagePure water conductivity measuring cells Two electrode measuring cells with concentric electrodes of stainless steel and flow vessels made of glass or stainless steel for measurements in pure water
          11. PageFlow-through conductivity measuring cells Four electrode plastic -through measuring cells with low-polarization graphite electrodes for applications in closed circuits
        6. FolderAnalog sensors (on-line) From pure water to the wastewater treatment system: The analog WTW sensors cover large measuring ranges of the classic parameters - self-diagnostic system available!
          1. PagepH/ORP armatures SensoLyt® – pH/ORP armature with lightning protection, integrated preamplifier and temperature sensors as well as self-diagnostic function
          2. PagepH/ORP rod electrodes SensoLyt® & ProcessLine – pH measuring chains for all applications: For the SensoLyt® armature, for the installation in a flow vessel or in a replacement fitting
          3. PageConductivity measuring cells All analog conductivity measuring cells are equipped with an integrated temperature compensation and cover all applications
          4. PageElectro-chemical oxygen sensors The TriOxmatic® with 3 electrode system for the reliable oxygen measurement - patented know-how at low investment costs
          5. PageAnalog chlorine sensors The electro-chemical chlorine sensors by WTW for measurements in pools or drinking water are connected directly to the monitor CL 7010
      6. FolderAccessories 
        1. FolderThermo cabinets/incubators Thermo cabinets by WTW with temperature preselection between 10° and 40°C are especially adapted for measurements with the OxiTop® measuring systems
          1. PageOxiTop® Box Thermoboxes to incubate BSB samples (dilution samples or respirometric samples) with constant temperature for simple requirements
          2. PageTS thermo cabinets Thermo cabinets for the incubation of respirometric samples at constant temperatures between 10° and 40°C – low-cost and energy efficient
        2. FolderThermoreactors Thermoreactors for the disintegration of CSB, total nitrogen and total phosphorus, including brief and self-programmed high temperature disintegration up to 170°C
          1. PageCR 2200 CR 2200: Thermoreactor for the digestion of standard parameters of 12 round cuvettes with 8 fixed programs with quick operation
          2. PageCR 3200 CR 3200 thermoreactor for thermal digestion with 2x12 round cuvettes with 8 fixed / 8 self programs with temperatures of up to 170°C and AQA
          3. PageCR 4200 Thermoreactor for parallel thermal digestion with 2x12 round cuvettes with 8 fixed / 8 self programs with temperatures of up to 170°C and AQA
        3. FolderCalibration/testing/maintenance WTW offers a wide variety of adapted and suitable products for calibration, maintenance and testing for all measuring systems
          1. PageInitial calibration set Buffer kit with three precision DIN buffers for the initial calibration of IDS pH electrodes in glass bulbs - ideal for quality control
          2. PageTechnical buffer solutions (buffer bottles) pH buffers by WTW – precise and traceable to PTB/NIST in two bulk sizes of 250 ml or 1 liter with built-in dosing vessel standard buffer
          3. PageStandard (DIN/NIST) buffer solutions (buffer bottles) PTB/NIST traceable standard buffer solutions (work reference buffer solutions) for precision applications - safe use
          4. PageAssortments work reference buffer solutions Buffer solutions in glass bulbs for highest requirements for precision and durability for quality assurance and related areas
          5. PageCalibration and maintenance assortments Complete assortments to clean and calibrate liquid, gel and polymer electrodes - available in different combinations
          6. PageTest and maintenance equipment ORP Test and maintenance supplies (electrolyte and cleaning agents) to test and service ORP electrodes - easy conditioning and cleaning
          7. PageTurbidity standards Turbidity standards AMCO Clear® with highest precision and long-term stability are N.I.S.T. traceable to Formazine and not hazardous to your health
          8. PageISE standard solutions Ion specific master solutions with concentrations of 10 g/l to dilute and calibrate during measurements with ion selective electrodes
          9. PageStandards for digital ISE sensors Combination standards with high or low concentration to test IQ SENSOR NET ISE sensors AmmoLyt®, NitraLyt® and VARiON®
          10. PageCalibration and storage containers for oxygen sensors Sensor-specific vessels to test, calibrate and store WTW dissolved oxygen sensors (galvanized and optical)
          11. PageCalibration and test material for conductivity measurements Test resistors and calibration solutions to test the meters with conductivity function as well as to calibrate the system from the device and conductivity measuring cell
          12. PageStandards for spectral probes Standard to test spectral sensors. ST-1 with low concentration for 5 mm sensors; St-2 with high concentration for 1 mm sensors
          13. PageStandard solutions for analyzers Standard solutoins for the automatic calibration of the NH4, NO3, NO2, PO4 and total phosphorus TresCon® modules. For highly precise and reliable measuring values
          14. PageStandard solutions for P700 IQ Standard solutions with different concentrations for the automatic and manual calibration of P 700 IQ orthophospate analyzers
        4. FolderElectrolytes and cleaning solutions Electrolytes and cleaning solutions by WTW to refill reference systems as well as to clean electrodes and measuring systems
          1. PageElectrolytes and cleaning solutions Solutions for operation, cleaning and storage of electrodes - simple refilling and safe storage warranted
          2. PageISE reference electrolyte Bridge electrode for reference electrodes as well as combined ISE electrodes of the 800 series adaptation to the sample composition
          3. PageCleaning solutions for TresCon® analyzers Cleaning solutions for the automatic and reliable cleaning of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate and total phosphorus modules
          4. PageCleaning solution for P700 IQ Cleaning solution for the automatic cleaning of the P 700 IQ orthophosphate analyzer in IQ Sensor Net – for reliable measurements
        5. FolderTemperature and reference electrodes Temperature compensation during use of pH, ORP and ISE electrodes without integrated temperature sensor as well as reference electrodes for ISE half cells
          1. PageTemperature sensor (for pH/ORP/ISE measurement) Temperature sensors with built-in NTC 30 kOhm - prerequisite for precise results for pH, ORP and ISE measurements
          2. PageISE reference electrodes Reference measuring cells with exterior bridge electrolyte chamber and ring split diaphragm to measure with ISE half cells type 500 - for exchangeable bridge electrolyte
        6. FolderAccessories for IDS measuring system (digital) 
          1. PageWireless IDS modules Cables obsolete – use an IDS plug head sensor and wireless modules to measure pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen in your lab and process wherever you want
          2. PageProtection for IDS sensors Robust protection for IDS sensors with fixed cable and plug connections to use in the field with plastic or stainless steel protective basket
        7. FolderGlass parts and accessories for measuring systems Replacement sample bottles and other glassware as well as useful accessories for the expansion of application of WTW measuring systems for different parameters
          1. PageFlow vessels Flow vessels for applications to prevent air from entering or measurements in closed circuits
          2. PageProtection for conventional sensors Protection with protective baskets made of stainless steel or plastic to use TetraCon® conductivity measuring cells as well as CellOx® oxygen sensors
          3. PageOxiTop®/OxiTop®-C measuring vessels and sample bottles Sample bottles and measuring vessels with and without adapter for respirometric measurements of BSB, soil respiration, degradability tests and biogas examinations
          4. PageOverflow measuring flask Glass measuring flask with fixed volume doses for the simple and accurate measurement of the required sample volume for respirometric BSB measurements
          5. PageIS stirring platforms Wear-free inductive stirring platforms are used to mix BSB and other samples during respirometric measurements according to the respective application
          6. PagePipettes One-channel pipettes electronic or manual, robust and convenient for the photometric determination with variable or fixed volumes
          7. PageCuvettes Cuvettes for photometric routine and water analytics in the UV-VIS and VIS range in 16 mm round cuvettes, 10 mm, 20 mm and 50 mm cuvettes
        8. FolderData output WTW offers printers with direct data output via a RS232 interface as well as suitable cables for the communication between devices and the PC
          1. PageData transfer cable Data cable for the transfer between devices and PC or between devices with serial RS232 interface and printers
          2. PagePrinter WTW printers are equipped with a serial RS 232 interface and can be connected directly to the PC or the appropriate devices
        9. FolderInstallation accessories High quality and robust installation accessories such as cables, protective roofs, brackets and flow armatures for IQ Sensor Net modules and sensors
          1. PageConnection cables for IQ sensors SACIQ connecting cable, a cable for all sensors. For data transfer and power supply. In combination with sensor waterproof up to 100 m
          2. PageIQSN connection cable SNCIQ IQ Sensor Net cable for the connection of modules. A cable for data transfer and power supply. Also avaible for underground routing
          3. PageIQSN installation accessories Installation accessories such as protective roofs, switch cabinet, hat rails and wall mounting for IQ models and controllers - for the safe and reliable installation
          4. PageTerminal boxes and connecting cables Terminal boxes and cables for analog pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen measurements for cable extension or to connect to the IQ SENSOR NET
          5. PageUniversal armatures and handle brackets Universal armatures and handle bracket for the chain installation or installation on swing brackets of IQ sensors – handle bracket available for 1 to 3 sensors
          6. PageMounting accessories Accessories for the installation of IQ Sensor Net system components, sensors and modules. Matching accessories for different applications
          7. PageMounting accessories 60 mm sensors (spectral; sludge level) Mounting accessories for IFL 700 IQ and spectral sensors. The matching accessories for every application – even for heavily fluctuating water levels
          8. PageFlow armatures Pipe installation, flow systems, adapters - WTW offers various high quality accessories for measurement in flow-through applications with up to 5 IQ sensors (40 mm)
          9. PageRetrectable armatures Retrectable armatures for measurements in pipe lines - to install analog and digital WTW sensors, as well as of ProcessLine combination electrodes
          10. PageCleaning systems Optional air pressure cleaning for IQ Sensor Net sensors. For heavy pollution. For systems with and without their own compressed air supply
        10. FolderReagents and test kits 
          1. PageTest equipment for photometry Test materials for the AQA of photometric routine and water analysis for multi-level result certainty of photoLab®, photoFlex® and test kits
          2. PageReagents for analyzers Reagetn for the highly precise analysis of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate and total phosphorus with the TresCon® analyzer system
          3. PageReagent for P700 IQ Reagent for online measurement of orthophosphate with the yellow method (molybdate vanadate method) in the IQ Sensor Net with the analyzer P700 IQ
          4. PageDigestion reagents Digestion reagents for water analysis and electric plating to capture total nitrogen and heavy metals besides COD, total phosphorus
          5. PagePhotometry multi-parameter standards Multi-parameter standards for error-free AQA in routine and water analysis by premade concentration matching the test kit and spiking
          6. PageStandard solutions photometry Standard solutions as stock solution to dilute for error-free analytical quality assurance (AQA) in routine and water analysis
        11. FolderSoftware 
          1. PagephotoLab® Data spectral + photoLab® color PC software for GLP-compliant data management for LIMS transmission with photoLab® spectral photometer and extensive color measurement (CIE, Gardner, Yellowness…)
          2. PageLS Data LSdata: PC software for GLP-compliant data management of pHotoFlex® / Turb® 430 with method compilation of photometric user methods
        12. FolderOther accessories Useful and high quality WTW accessories for different product areas for the measurement, sample conditioning and adaptation
          1. PageISE sample conditioning solutions Sample preparation with premade ion strength adjuster solutions (ISA and TISAB) for the direct concentration determination with ion selective electrodes
          2. PageAdapter Adapter for data transfer between devices and PCs with USB interface as well as for the power supply of the pHotoLab® 6000/7000 series in vehicles
          3. PageEX accessories Complete your EX measuring point from one source - our accessories allow almost all installations - also for pipe mounting
    2. FolderProduct Catalog WTW's product portfolio includes portable devices, lab meters and stationary measuring systems for lab, online and field measurements
      1. FolderLab products meters and measuring systems for electro-chemical, photometric, turbidity measurements as well as for the determination of biological degradability
        1. FolderMulti-parameter measurement WTW offers: pH, oxygen and conductivity measurement technology - Multi-parameter instruments.
          1. PageBenchtop Meters The multi-parameter meters of the inoLab® series for pH, mV ISE, conductivity and oxygen combine highest precision with economic efficiency
          2. PagePortable Meters Portable multi-parameter measurement with the portable meters by WTW. For the simultaneous or serial measurement of pH/mV, ISE, conductivity and oxygen
          3. PageSensors and probes Unique and error-free: The digital ID sensors by WTW for all applications in the lab and field with fixed cables up to 3 m in length
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Practical accessories in WTW quality for the operation, maintenance and calibration of the multi-parameter meters, sensors and probes
        2. FolderpH measurement pH - one of three most common parameters in the lab.
          1. PageBenchtop Meters pH and ORP measurement with conventional and digital meters for all types of measurements with and without documentation in modern laboratories
          2. PagePortable Meters Robust and waterproof meters with conventional or digital pH and ORP measuring function for the portable measurement in the field and during operation
          3. PageElectrodes pH electrodes are the most frequently used sensors in chemical labs. WTW offers these for all applications and special cases
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables DIN/NIST and technical buffer solutions as well as electrolytes and cleaning solutions for pH electrodes with liquid, gel and polymer reference system by WTW
        3. FolderORP measurement ORP-measurement - easy to perform with all WTW pH/mV meters.
          1. PageBenchtop meters Precise ORP measurements can be conducted with all WTW ph/mV meters and represent a renowned system with their special ORP electrodes
          2. PagePortable meters All WTW portable meters with pH measuring function are also robust and waterproof meters for the portable ORP measuring in the field and during operation
          3. PageElectrodes Platinum, gold or silver ORP electrodes - suitable for the most varied applications: strongly oxidizing solutions, argentometry and much more
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Maintenance and test solutions as well as other accoessories for all portable and lab-supported pH/mV meters and ORP electrodes by WTW
        4. FolderIon selective measurement Secure determination of ion concentrations with ISE.
          1. PageBenchtop Meters Perfectly equipped pH/mV/ISE benchtop meter with 2 channels and extensive functions for the simultaneous measurement with two electrodes
          2. PagePortable meters Compact, robust and waterproof pH, mV and concentration measurement for mobile use with GLP/AQS supporting documentation
          3. PageElectrodes Electro-chemical concentration determination with ISE electrodes. You can choose from two types: Half cells or combined electrodes
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Comprehensive accessories and premade standard, ISA and TISAB solutions to determine the concentration with ion selective meters by WTW
        5. FolderOxygen measurement Electrochemical and optical measurement of dissolved oxygen.
          1. PageBenchtop Meters Safely measure dissolved oxygen during BSB determination and in waterous solutions and document your results with the precise benchtop devices by WTW
          2. PagePortable Meters Portable, waterproof and robust devices to measure dissolved oxygen are available as single parameter and multi-parameter models
          3. PageSensors Galvanized and optically dissolved oxygen sensors for portable and benchtop devices to measure standard and special applications in the field and lab
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Original accessories for oxygen meters and sensors by WTW to measure, service and calibrate for a long product life and precise results
        6. FolderConductivity Conductiviy - important parameter for water analysis.
          1. PageBenchtop Meters Precise and economic conductivity measurement in lab applications with single and multi-parameter meters, also for measurements according to pharmacopia
          2. PagePortable Meters Portable conductivity measurements without extra effort with the robust and waterproof portable meters by WTW for standard and special applications
          3. PageMeasuring cells WTW conductivity measuring cells with two and four pin measuring technology for precise measuring results for the variable applications in the lab and field
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Useful accessories and standard solutions for conductivity meters and measuring cells to support accurate measuring results
        7. FolderBOD / Respiration Measurement Measurement of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and respiration/depletion.
          1. PageMeters (for dilution BOD) Safe BOD determination with galvanized or optical oxygen sensors according to DIN EN 1899-1 and DIN EN 1899-2 – with portable and benchtop devices
          2. PageMeasuring Heads BODself check measurement - respiration examinations, soil respiration, degradation tests, biogas determination with OxiTop® and OxiTop® Control measuring systems
          3. PageIncubators & Thermo cabinets Incubators and thermo cabinets specifically for OxiTop® and OxiTop®-C measuring systems to incubate samples at constant temperatures
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Perfectly matched accessories BOD meters and depletion measuring systems for all applications of respirometric measurements (aerobic and anaerobic)
        8. FolderColorimeters and Photometers WTW offers photometers / colorimeters for many applications: from routine analysis with a wide selection of programmed test kits to universal analysis.
          1. PageLaboratory photometers Spectral photometer for routine and universal spectral analysis with reagent-free COD as well as filter photometer, with AQA and barcode support
          2. PagePortable Colorimeters pHotoFlex® portable photometers are real multi-parameter geniuses: Photometry, pH and turbidity measurement with AQA and GLP conform data processing
          3. PageTest Kit & Reagents For routine analysis, a wide choice of tests is available. Benefitial: Economic lot certificated and barcoded options with automatic recognition
        9. FolderTurbidity Performing quality control, turbidity is an indicative parameter for many applications.
          1. PageBenchtop meters In-the-field turbidity measurement in drinking water, for quality control of food and production as well as turbidity in medical analysis, biotechnology
          2. PagePortable Meters Turbidity measurement in lab quality - from monitoring to the official water control as well as for quality control in the industry with calibration protocol
        10. FolderColony Counter The advantages of colony counters: easy, rapid and reliable counting of bacterial colonies with very simple handling.
      2. FolderOnline Measurement WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater
        1. FolderOn-line oxygen measurement For decades WTW performs technical pioneering work in terms of measuring dissolved oxygen.
          1. PageSensors Optical and electro-chemical sensors for the measurement of dissolved oxygen with analog monitors or the modular and flexible IQ SENSOR NET
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Digital oxygen measurement with flexible and modular system solution - expandable with changing requirements, with calibration-free sensor
          3. PageAnalog monitors Classic measuring ranges, trace measurements or as a low-cost solution – the TriOxmatic® sensors for analog monitors measure precisely and reliably
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables From the initial installation to system expansions - from installation materials to MIQ modules. WTW's accessories will keep all options open for you
        2. FolderOn-line pH/ORP measurement The pH-measurement technique by WTW covers sensors, armatures and transmitters.
          1. PageArmatures Electrodes and armatures for online pH and ORP measurements, usable on the digital IQ SENSOR NET, on analog monitors or in the EX area
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET pH and ORP measurements with flexible system solution for your needs, low investment costs and very economical operation
          3. PageAnalog monitors ORP potential and pH measurement with efficient field and control panel monitors with maximum operational safety at an attractive price
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables Whether analog or digital – WTW offers high quality accessories for your pH ORP measuring point – also for flow measurement or sensor calibration
        3. FolderOn-line conductivity measurement The measurement of conductivity is an accepted and essential parameter.
          1. PageMeasuring cells WTW offers the matching measuring cell for almost every application – whether analog or digital, whether in wastewater or in the lab. Now also new for the EX range!
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Digital conductivity measurement with the flexible IQ SENSOR NET. From the single measuring point all the way to the network – the suitable solution for every application
          3. PageAnalog monitors Suitable for every application. Highest possible flexibility by 7 different measuring ranges and adjustable cell constants – at maximum operational safety
          4. PageAccessories & Consumables From sensor maintenance to the expansion of the measuring system – WTW offers a comprehensive accessories program for analog and digital conductivity measuring points
        4. FolderOn-line turbidity/suspended solids measurement In the outlet of a wastewater treatment plant, turbidity is a qualitative measure of the remaining load by undissolved particles.
          1. PageIQ Sensors Reliable and user-friendly turbidity and suspended solids sensors – meets DIN measuring procedures and integrated ultrasonic cleaning
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Your application, our solution: Integrate your turbidity and suspended solids measurement into a measuring network or operate it as a single measuring point
          3. PageAccessories & Consumables For your suspended solids and turbidity measuring point, WTW offers suitable and high quality accessories – from installation all the way to system components
        5. FolderOn-line nitrogen measurement Direct measurement technique for the process relevant parameters Ammonium and Nitrate.
          1. PageIQ Sensors Ion selective and optical sensors for the in-situ measurement of the nitrogen parameters NH4, NO3 and NO2 with the IQ SENSOR NET system
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Ion selective and optical nitrogen measurements with flexible system solution, low investment costs and very economical operation
          3. PageAccessories & Consumables WTW offers a comprehensive accessories program for installation and operation for online nitrogen measurement with IQ Sensor Net or TresCon® Analyzers
        6. FolderOn-line carbon measurement WTW offers on-line spectral probes for the determination of organic loads: COD, BOD, TOC, DOC, UVT and SAC.
          1. PageIQ Sensors Optical sensors for the reagent-free in-situ monitoring of the carbon parameters TOC, DOC, CSOD, BOD, SAC and UVT with the IQ SENSOR NET system
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Optical measurement of carbon parameters with flexible system solution, low investment costs and very economical operation
          3. PageAccessories & Consumables For the most varied application areas, WTW offers the suitable accessories for sensors and controllers/modules for the online carbon measuring point
        7. FolderOn-line phosphate measurement WTW offers measuring instruments for orthophosphate (yellow method) and total phosphorus (blue method).
          1. PageIQ SENSOR NET Orthophosphate measurement with direct connection to the flexible system solution IQ SENSOR NET, low use of reagents and automatic calibration
          2. PageAccessories & Consumables Whether reagents, standards or hose sets – WTW offers the most suitable accessories for your TresCon® and IQ analyzers for every parameter
        8. FolderOn-line sludge level measurement The digital sludge level sensor IFL 700 IQ combines latest technology with user-related benefits.
          1. PageIQ Sensors The IFL 700 IQ by WTW for the measurement of sludge levels in the IQ Sensor Net as per the ultrasonic measurement principle. With maintenance-free cleaning system
          2. PageIQ SENSOR NET Extremely low-maintenance sludge level measurement as per the ultrasonic measuring principle with flexible and modular system solution – simple to expand as needed
          3. PageAccessories & Consumables WTW offers the matching installation accessories for the most varied situations. Choose from the accessories for sensors and controllers/modules
        9. FolderIQ SENSOR NET System The IQ SENSOR NET by WTW - the measuring system for wastewater treatment plants and industrial applications.
          1. PageSystem 2020 XT – up to 20 parameters WTW's system 2020 for wastewater treatment plant and industrial applications offers nearly unlimited network opportunities – for up to 20 sensors
          2. PageSystem 282/284 – up to 4 sensors The ideal measuring point for wastewater treatment plant and industrial applications with up to 4 parameters – including field bus connection and analog outputs
          3. PageIQ Sensors The digital IQ sensors for the IQ SENSOR NET cover all relevant parameters to regulate a wastewater treatment plant - with specific measuring procedures
          4. PageIQ fixed cable sensors Simple and digital: WTW offers IQ fixed cable sensors for the online measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and turbidity especially for system 181
          5. PageAccessories & Consumables Installation accessories for the IQ SENSOR NET system and the IQ sensors – brackets, handles, cables, flow armatures and much more
        10. FolderAnalog monitors Above-average functionality and maximum operational safety for an attractive price.
          1. PageMonitors For the classics pH, LF, O2 and chlorine - with the analog monitors series 170, 296 and 7010, field and control panel applications are no problem
          2. PageAccessories & Consumables WTW offers analog measuring points for the parameters pH, oxygen, conductivity and chlorine. For field as well as for control panel installations
        11. FolderATEX measurements 
          1. PageEX sensors Analog pH/ORP and LF sensors for explosive atmospheres - approved for EX range, zone 1 IIC T6, including temperature measurement
          2. PageAccessories & Consumables In addition to buffers and cleaning sets, WTW also offers certified mounting and installation accessories for monitors and sensors – also for pipe installations
        12. FolderAnalyzer WTW analyzer- reliable and precise measurement of Nitrogen parameters Ammonium, Nitrate and Nitrite as well as phosphate parameters orthophosphate and total phosphorus.
          1. PageAnalyzer systems Highly accurate determination of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, SAC, total phosphorus and orthophosphate with the TresCon® analyzer system and IQ analyzer P 700 IQ
          2. PageAccessories & Consumables For the measruement with analyzers of Pges, NH4,NO3,NO2, PO4, WTW offers a comprehensive series of reagents, standard solutions and cleaning solutions
        13. FolderSamplers The WTW samplers are proven over years: now delivered even higher in performance and more user-friendly.
          1. PageSamplers WTW offers these samplers that have been proven in the field for years: now even more efficient and user-friendly – flexible in their application!
          2. PageAccessories & Consumables Create your sampling even more flexible: With replacement bottles to double your samples or by extending the suction hose to max. 30 m!
        14. FolderDrinking Water Monitoring Ready-to-go systems for the monitoring the relevant paramters of the water ordinance.
          1. PageMeasuring systems on wall mounting plates The premounted drinking water panels for chlorine or multi-parameters are user-friendly and deliver reliable measuring values
          2. PageAnalyzers Reliable values across a large measuring range – the standard procedures of our analyzers for turbidity, free and total chlorine make this possible
          3. PageAccessories & Consumables From measuring modules via bubble chambers all the way to reagents: WTW offers the matching accessories for the drinking water monitoring by its measuring instrumentation!
    3. FolderParameter 
      1. PagepH pH - one of three most common parameters in the lab.
      2. PageDissolved Oxygen Electrochemical and optical measurement of dissolved oxygen.
      3. PageConductivity Conductiviy - important parameter for water analysis.
      4. PageTurbidity Performing quality control, turbidity is an indicative parameter for many applications.
  3. FolderContact 
    1. PageWTW Head Office Head office Weilheim i. OB - here, we develop and produce water analysis products, conduct training and answer your questions
    2. PageContacts and Distributors around the World Take advantage of our premium service - Here you can find all contact information and contact persons of WTW around the world at a glance
  4. FolderService WTW offers first-class service for its products - the all-around worryfree package for you offering supports, services, downloads and much more
    1. FolderSupport & Services We offer you the best support for our products: Whether it be consulting, repairs or seminars - feel free to contact us at any time
      1. PageTender service The WTW tender service - we will promtly deliver a project-specific lineup of the required tender text segments
      2. PageDAkkS lab We offer a special service for you in our DAkkS-certified lab: We can calibrate your devices as per this quality standard
      3. PageService orders The WTW service form offers you a way to precisely state your requirements and thus optimize our service for you
      4. PageWEEE Directive This page informs about WTW‘s proceeding with respect to EC directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
    2. FolderDownloads Many materials, user aids and information are ready for you to view or download on these pages
      1. FolderSoftware Help programs for functional expansion of the WTW measuring systems as well as the most current firmware updates can be found here for convenient download
        1. PageinoLab® Multi 9620 IDS, 9630 IDS Download the latest software version for the digital IDS benchtop meters inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS and inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS
        2. PageinoLab® Multi 9420 IDS, 9430 IDS Download the latest software version for the digital IDS benchtop meters inoLab® Multi 9420 IDS and inoLab® Multi 9430 IDS
        3. PageinoLab® Multi 9310 IDS Download the latest version of software for the digital IDS single-channel benchtop meters inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS
        4. PageinoLab® 7310, 7320 Download the latest version of software for pH, pH/ION, dissolved oxygen and conductivity benchtop meters inoLab® 7310 and 7320
        5. PageMultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS, 3630 IDS Download the latest software version for the digital portable meters MultiLine® Multi 3620 IDS and 3630 IDS
        6. PageMultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS Download the latest software version for the digital portable meters MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS
        7. PageMultiLine® Multi 3410 IDS, 3420 IDS, 3430 IDS Download the latest software version for the digital portable meters MultiLine® Multi 3410 IDS, 3420 IDS and 3430 IDS
        8. PageProfiLine 3310, 3320 & MonoLine 3310 IDS Download the latest version of software for the portable meters 3310 and 3320 of ProfiLine series and the digital meters MonoLine 3310 IDS
        9. PagePortable Meters Multi 350i, 3500i Download the latest version of software for the multi-parameter handheld meters Multi 350i/3500i
        10. PagePortable Meters 340i, 3400i Download the latest version of software for the portable meters series 340i and 3400i
        11. PageProfiLine 197i, 1970i Download the latest version of software for the portable field meters ProfiLine 197i and 1970i
        12. PageTetraCon® 925 IDS, LR 925/01 IDS Download the latest version of software for the digital IDS conductivity cells TetraCon® 925 IDS and LR 925/01 IDS
        13. PageFDO® 925 IDS Download the latest version of software for the digital optical IDS dissolved oxygen sensors FDO® 925 IDS
        14. PageVisoTurb® 900-P IDS Download the latest version of software for the digital turbidity sensors VisoTurb® 900-P IDS
        15. PageMPP 910 IDS, MPP 930 IDS Download the latest version of software for the digital depth sondes series MPP 910 IDS and MPP 930 IDS
        16. PageWQL-pH Download the latest version of software for the data loggers WQL-pH
        17. PageWQL-Cond Download the latest version of software for the data loggers WQL-Cond
        18. PageOxiTop® Control Download the latest version of software ACHAT OC for the system OxiTop® Control
        19. PagephotoLab® 7000/6000 Series Download the latest version of software for the spectrophotometers of photoLab® 6000 series (also: spectroFlex)
        20. PagephotoLab® S6, S12, photoLab® Spektral Download the latest version of software for the laboratory photometers photoLab® S6, S12 and Spektral
        21. PagepHotoFlex® Series Download the latest version of software for the portiable Colorimeters pHotoFlex® pH, pHotoFlex® STD and pHotoFlex® Turb
        22. PageTurb® 430 IR/T Download the latest version of software for turbidity meters Turb® 430 IR and Turb® 430 T
        23. PageIQ SENSOR NET Download the latest version of software for the multi-parameter measuring system IQ SENSOR NET
        24. PageIQSN: Files for PLC Download the latest version of software for the multi-parameter measuring system IQ SENSOR NET
        25. PageIQSN: PC software for remote control Download the latest version of software for the multi-parameter measuring system IQ SENSOR NET
        26. FolderOther products Download of the most current software versions for products, which are currently no longer in our product line, but whose use we support
          1. PageinoLab® pH/ION 735 Download of the most current software versions for the lab ion meters inoLab® pH/ION 735
          2. PageinoLab 740 / inoLab Level 3 Terminal Download of the most current software versions for WTW benchtop meters of the series inoLab® 740/Level 3 Terminal
          3. PageinoLab® 740 multi function box Download the latest software version for inoLab® 740 multifunction boxes
          4. PageinoLab® pH/ION/Cond 750 Download the latest software version for the inoLab® pH/ION/Cond 750 multi-parameter benchtop
      2. PageOperating manuals We offer the operating instructions for all WTW products free of charge to download - no need for extensive searching - convenient and easy
      3. PageBrochures & Flyer All brochures and flyers for WTW products are available in different languages for download at no costs to you
      4. PageApplication reports Here, you will find application-related information for the use of WTW measuring systems from experience with concrete information about the process
      5. PageLot certificates We offer different lot certificates for pH buffering solutions, photometry and reagents, which you can download here
      6. PageMaterial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Here, you can access safety data sheets for our chemical substances and preparations for the areas lab/environment, online and photometry
      7. PageTender Specifications Here, you will find our complimentary tender texts as pure text files with a neutral description to support you in your work
      8. PageCatalogs Here, you will find our product catalogs from the application areas measuring technology for lab and environment and online measuring technology
      9. PageExpert articles Here, you will find selected, current expert articles about subjects around your daily analytics experiences and our measuring technology solutions
      10. PageVideos Here, you will find all available videos about our products and applications about labs, environmental monitoring or online measurement technology
      11. PageLogos Our logo for printing and monitor applications is also available for download here - please make sure that your purpose of use does not infringe on our copyrights
    3. FolderWTW Quality We are doing something about the solution of your tasks in quality assurance: WTW serves a very high quality standard, which you will profit from
      1. PageCE product marking Meaning and recognition of the CE mark – an article by Michael Holeczek (Dipl. Ing.), Director, Research & Development, WTW
      2. PageISO 9001 Certificate WTW has once again successfully passed the recertification audit of TÜV for the ISO 9001 and therefore once again proven its quality management system
      3. PageAEO Certification WTW GmbH has been registered as a fully valid authorized economic operator (AEO-F) since December 14, 2012
  5. FolderCompany 
    1. FolderAbout us WTW GmbH, Weilheim in Oberbayern (Upper Bavaria) specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-quality measuring instruments for water analysis
      1. PageHistory The WTW GmbH was founded in 1945 and is looking back at 70 years of innovation, quality and service in the water analytics industry - and of course also looking into the future
      2. PageTransparency in Supply Chains In 2013, ebro Electronic GmbH was integrated into WTW GmbH – you can obtain specialized data loggers and portable meters under the ebro brand
      3. PageAffiliation with Xylem Inc. WTW has been a company of the Xylem group of companies since 2011, working in its worldwide core business - water. WTW is part of the company's Xylem Analytics division
      4. PageMemberships In order to remain informed about the requirements and frame conditions of the users, WTW holds memberships in several associations
    2. FolderNews 
      1. PageNews Here, you will find current news and press releases about products made by WTW and about the company itself - the most current news at one glance
      2. PageWTW Newsletter Subscribe to the WTW Newsletter – and keep up to date with the latest news, product information and updates and news about the WTW services.
    3. PageTrade Shows and Events We place a high importance on the contact and exchange with our customers and users - on this page, you will find all trade show and seminar dates, which allow us to do this
    4. PageAwards WTW has always had its headquarters in Weilheim and we have also received several awards which we would like to show you
    5. PageSocial commitment WTW is commited to various projects - whether it be athletic clubs, hospice or food shelves

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