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Software and Updates for photoLab® S6, S12 and photoLab® Spektral

Download the latest version of software for the laboratory photometers photoLab® S6, S12 and Spektral

Firmware update – V4.03

Update of instrument software for WTW filter photometers (possible for devices with serial numbers starting with 1423xxxx).

Version history – innovations

  • V4.03: 
    Important Bugfixing – for some instruments, the following error may occur:

    • Starting the instrument, the message “Remove cell” appears even if no cell is in the meter
    • Instrument start up is frozen
    • With the update version V4.03, this is fixed, updates can be performed as usual

Download ZIP archive:

Methods update – Version 34 / 27

Update of the method data for WTW Photometers photoLab® S 6, S 12 and Spektral.

Download and installation notes:

For updating the photometers via the incorporated RS 232 interface the following accessories and programmes are required:

  • PC (Win95 or higher)
  • Photometer photoLab S 6, photoLab S 12 or photoLab Spektral
  • PC cable AK Labor, WTW Order No. 902 758
  • Program file "UpdateMethodData.exe"
  • 6 Method Data files " pls6md.XXX", "pls12md.XXX", "plspekmd.XXX", .....
  • File "Readme.txt"

Update Procedure:

  • Connect the serial interfaces of PC and photometer using the cable AK Labor.
  • Switch on the PC and photometer.
  • Copy all files (program file and six method data files) into a subdirectory or onto a floppy disk.
  • Start the program file UpdateMethodData.exe from this subdirectory/floppy disk.
    Now all you have to do is to follow the instructions prompted by the program. The program automatically identifies the connected photometer and is self-explanatory in its function.
    After approval for the update has been granted, all methods are loaded into the photometer, overwriting the old ones in the process (User-defined methods are also deleted and have to be programmed again).
    The overall method update lasts approximately 3 minutes.

System Info after successful installation in the photometer:

  • photoLab S6, S12, NOVA 30, NOVA 60: Version 34
  • photoLab Spektral and NOVA 400: Version 27

Download ZIP archive:

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