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Conductivity monitor QuadroLine® LF 296

WTW analog conductivity monitor QuadroLine® LF 296

Compact control panel monitor for numerous conductivity measuring cells and user-friendly menus - option available with BUS system

  • For versatile applications with 7 selectable measuring ranges
  • 4 fixed cell constants as well as variable adjustments allow the connection of different measuring cells
  • User-friendly operation thanks to clear menu structure

The control panel monitor QuadroLine® LF 296 offers a lot of flexibility thanks to fixed/variable settings of the cell constants and the ability to select from 7 measuring ranges. This makes this monitor very suitable for a wide range of applications, from pure water and wastewater measurements all the way to industrial margin applications.

The 2 optional switch contact can be configured by the user as "openers" or "closers". Furthermore, the user can allocate a certain function to each relay, e.g. as a limit value alert. After that, the respective function parameters are defined via a submenu. When configuring the limit value relay, the entry of the upper or lower limit value, the setting of the hysteresis range and the delay time are made consecutively.

The hysteresis ist a symmetrically defined tolerance range by the set limit value, which the measured value must exceed or not reach before the relay output is switched.

With the serial interface RS 485, you can connect up to 31 meters of the QuadroLine® series via a common BUS system to a higher level computer. To physically connect the meters, the 3-conductor technique is recommended (difference signals a/b and potential equalization). This allows a safe data transfer, even across long distances.
In the so-called master/slave operation, the connected meters (slaves) are contacted by the control computer (master) under their individual bus address and will execute their respective orders. The communication or data transfer is bidirectional.
You can connect the meter bus to the PROFIBUS-DP via a gateway


Model Description Order no.
LF 296 - 230 VAC QuadroLine® - Conductivity field monitor with 1 power output for conductivity, 230 VAC 391112
LF 296 R T - 230 VAC Like the LF 296, but with 2 relays and a second power output for temperature 392212
LF 296 RT RS - 230 VAC Like LF 296, but with 2 relays and second power output for temperature, with RS 485 interface 392222

Technical Data

Connectable measuring cells 2 or 4 electrode measuring cells
Measuring ranges (cell constant) 0.000 ... 1.999 µS/cm (0.01 cm-1);
0.00 ... 19.99 µS/cm (0.01 cm-1, 0.1 cm-1);
0.0 ... 199.9 µS/cm (0.1 cm-1, 1 cm-1);
0.000 ... 1.999 mS/cm (0.1 cm-1, 1 cm-1);
0.00 ... 19.99 mS/cm (1 cm-1);
0.0 ... 199.9 mS/cm (1 cm-1, 10 cm-1);
0 ... 1000 mS/cm (10 cm-1)
Resolution 0.001 µS/cm to 1 mS/cm (depending on the measuring range)
Accuracy ± 0.5% of measured value, ± 1 digit
Adjustable cell constant 0.09 cm-1 … 1.5 cm-1 (variable)
Measuring range salinity 0.0 … 70.0; resolution 0.1 (Reference T: 20 20°C)
Temperature measurement NTC sensor (integrated in the sensor), -5 °C ... +50 °C; 0.1 K resolution
Temperature compensation Range: -5 °C ... +100 °C
Signal input galvanisch getrennt
Gehäuse Glasfaserverstärktes Noryl-Gehäuse mit frontseitiger Tastaturfolie aus Polyester, Schutzart IP 54 (Front)
Abmessungen 96 x 96 x 168 mm (BxHxT)
Gewicht Ca. 1 kg



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