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TresCon® analyzer/module for total phosphorus

WTW Analyzer TresCon®  analyzer/module for total phosphorus

Drain monitoring of municipal wastewater treatment plants for total P and monitoring of phosphorus content in natural waters

  • High measurement accuracy by automatic 2-point calibration
  • High operational safety by complete automatic monitoring
  • Blue method

The Ptot (Ptotal) module consists of two units: First, there is a chemical-thermal persulfate digestion of the sample in the digestion unit. By overpressure and an increased reaction temperature, this process is accelerated, so that very short digestion times are achieved.

After that, the total phosphorus content is measured in the analysis unit via the molybdane blue methode. The intensity of the color is used as a measure for the original concentration of the phosphate ions. It is detected and evaluated photometrically.


Model Description Order no.
Please keep in mind: The Pges (Ptotal) module requires two module slots! TresCon UNO not possible!
OP 510 Separate TresCon® analysis module for online total phosphorus measurement 820011
TresCon® total phosphorus, P511 Multi-parameter system TresCon with one analysis module P511 8A-8X030

Technical Data

* by continuous dilution of sample, at a ratio of 1:1
Measuring range Ptot: 0.01 … 3.00/6.00*;
0.3 … 100/200*
Resolution (display) Range: 0.01 ... 3.00 mg/l:
0.30 ... 100 µmol/l :
0.01 mg/l
0.1 µmol/l


Model Description Order no.
BEH/ T 1.5 1.5 Liter wide mouth bottle 821017
BEH/ T 10 10 Liter canister 821019
BSet/P511 Container set for the total phosphorus TresCon® module 821059
KB/P511 Cooling box for Pges reagents 821068
C/TCM1 1.5 l Cleaning solution 821156
EL/ TC Replacement lamp photometer block 821175
Wpack/P511 Maintenance requirement consumables 821201


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