Surface Water Monitoring

Reagent-free measurement of COD, Nitrate and Nitrite


Depth measurements with IDS

MultiLine® Multi 3430 IDS + MPP IDS: Profile measurement without tangled cables. Integrated air pressure compensated depth measurements. All parameters simultaneously.


Field measurements with IDS

MultiLine® IDS + IDS sensors: Up to 3 channels. All parameters simultaneously.


Lab measurements with IDS

inoLab® Multi IDS + IDS sensors: Up to 3 channels. All parameters simultaneously,


The new nitrate measurement

Wiping and maintenance-free: Simple measurement directly in the process. No regular service required. Extremely durable.


IDS goes Wireless!

Benefit from all advantages of the digital IDS system – now also wireless: No cables. Securely connected. Same module for all parameters.

Since 2011, WTW is a brand of the Xylem Group, which operates worldwide in its core business of water. WTW is a part of the company division Xylem Analytics. With our new website, we can present you a broader product range with additional brands as well as service and information about the application of our products. 

The following websites are therefore designed in the xylem colors and summarized under the web address www.xylemanalytics.com.

More than 70 years WTW

We offer the most comprehensive program of high-quality measuring devices for water analysis in the world. Their reliability, operational safety and versatility have made WTW's products a worldwide industry standard:

Laboratory and Field Instrumentation

Laboratory and Field Instrumentation

Meters and measuring systems for electro-chemical, photometric, turbidity measurements as well as for the determination of biological degradability. 

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Process Instrumentation (Online)

Process Instrumentation (Online)

WTW offers the most complete series of measuring instrumentation as well as accessories for the measurement and monitoring of water and wastewater. 

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Direct Contact

Head Office

Head Office

+49 881 183-0  

Laboratory: Technical Support

Laboratory: Technical Support

+49 881 183-321  

Online: Technical Support

Online: Technical Support

+49 881 183-322  

Xylem Analytics provides with its brand WTW solutions for many challenges in water analysis:


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